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The California Desert Lifestyle

The California Desert Lifestyle

Paula’s Post #1 – 

Hi, I’m Paula Third.

I’m a luxury real estate representative with Sotheby’s International Realty, licensed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Rancho Mirage, California, actively representing buyers and sellers of luxury properties on both sides of the border.

Many of my clients are ‘snowbirds’, (mainly retirees, but also many younger folks). People fortunate to reach a stage in life where they are able to divide their time between a home in the north and a second  home in the California desert. In the days to come, I’ll be writing about life in the desert.

Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest to you.

But be warned.

If you’re looking for the usual dry stats and stodgy old market data, you may want to look elsewhere.  I’ve got literally thousands of competitors in the desert, real estate agents who post stats (or pay staff to do it for them) about everything from the latest jumbo loan rates to the list to sell price ratio. These agents routinely reblog market data, economic trends, housing statistics, all the latest news and market data available from their real estate boards and sector news services.

More power to them.

Sure, this stuff is good to know, but frankly, not all that interesting to read.

Today, almost anyone can dig up the latest housing trends and bank rates with a few taps on the keyboard. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think you’re going to become my client, because I post bank rates on my home page. Nor do I think you’re going to want to buy a home from me,  just because I publish the latest market sales data on the front page of my website.

No, I think clients are looking for something more.

In addition to being a retired prosecutor, I’m a storyteller, actively involved in a vibrant writing group, dedicated to improving our craft.

I like stories. I like to read them. I like to tell them. And as a storyteller, I’m hoping to bring a fresh and unique approach to this business. In the days to come, my goal is to give you a taste of what it is like to experience life in the fabulous California desert. To not just show you the stunning array of luxury homes available in today’s marketplace. but also to share with you the history and culture and active lifestyle that makes my California so very popular.

If you follow this blog long enough, I hope you’ll want to live here too.

Then… you’ll call me. Or email me. Or post a comment on this blog, asking about buying a home here. Then, we’ll talk.

When I went shopping for my own home, I hungered for information about the California desert lifestyle. I read everything I could about Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert and Indian Wells, (and of course, about the little town of La Quinta, where I now live).

I wanted to find out what there was to do, where to go… what events were in town. For me, the challenge was to try to figure out what it would be like to actually live here.  What else was there to do, besides play golf and tennis? How did I know whether I would even like life in the desert?

Well, I’ve been here almost three years. I can now answer that question with a resounding ‘yes’!

I love it here, and I think you will too.

Maybe if I can share a little about life in my desert, you’ll want a home here, too.

If you want to read more about our California desert lifestyle, take a chance and follow my blog.